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Youth Empowerment: Voter ID Workshop and Commitment to Democracy:18 August 2023.

On August 18, 2023, the Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) of JEC hosted a workshop with a significant impact. Aligned with the Election Awareness Programme and the initiatives of the District Election SVEEP Programme, Jabalpur, this workshop sought to empower students by equipping them with voter IDs.Italso served as a platform to furnish participating students with in-depth insights into essential processes such as new voter registrations, address updates, and linking Aadhaar details via the Voter Helpline App. The event garnered substantial engagement, with approximately 200 students enthusiastically immersing themselves in the workshop's activities. As a poignant symbol of their dedication, the attending students collectively took an electoral oath, reaffirming their active role in the democratic process.

During the event, the principal Dr P.K Jhingeexpressed surprise at the significant number of students whose names were absent from the voter list. The principal conveyed to the

students, that a designated faculty member has been assigned as a coordinator from each department. Furthermore, within each department, a representative has been appointed from every semester. These representatives, in collaboration with the coordinators, will assist students in the process of obtaining their voter identification.Additionally, the principal highlighted the availability of computers in each department to aid students facing challenges while using the mobile app for the voter registration process. This added support aimed to ensure that all eligible students had the opportunity to register as voters.to amplify voter engagement and participation, particularly among the younger generation.

In addition to this, driven by a profound sense of patriotism, the students solemnly pledged to “uphold the integrity and principles of democracy’ / ‘लोकतान्त्रिककीमर्यादाओकापालनकरूंगा/करुँगी" They also enthusiastically completed the 'Madhya Pradesh Election 2023 Resolution Letter' / 'मध्यप्रदेशविधानसभानिर्वाचन2023संकल्प-पत्र,' which was later on submitted to the SVEEP CELL in Jabalpur. The students were addressed by both the principal and certain faculty members responsible for guiding the workshop. These faculties, namely Dr K.K Kushwaha, Dr Durgesh Nandini, and Dr Atul Sharma, highlighted essential voter ID aspects during their presentations.

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