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Voter Awareness Oath Taking Program at Jabalpur Engineering College on 15 March 2024:

The Voter Awareness Campaign conducted by Electoral Literacy Clubof JEC, in anticipation of the upcoming 2023-24 Lok Sabha elections scheduled for 2024 and in alignment with the ongoing Sweep activities, organized a significant event – the “Voter Awareness Oath Taking Program”. This program was conducted at the college level on March 15,2024 spanning from 11:00 to 11:30 am. To ensure the seamless organization of this event, the Principal, Dr P.K Jhinge took the initiative to designate a department coordinator who oversaw the proper arrangements and execution of the program. Each department of the college, organized individual oath-taking ceremonies, led by their respective department heads, fostering a collective commitment to promoting voter awareness and civic engagement. The words of the pledge, coupled with District Nodal Officer Dr. Kamal Kumar Kushwaha's crucial information regarding the voting process, enabled the students to understand the importance of impartial voting.


"We, as citizens of India, pledge to uphold our faith in democracy and commit to maintaining the integrity of our country's democratic traditions. We vow to preserve the dignity of independent, impartial, and peaceful elections, unbiased by considerations of religion, caste, community, language, or any other temptation. With unwavering resolve, we will exercise our right to vote in all elections, uninfluenced by any inducement."

The importance of this oath lies in its reminder to citizens of their commitment to democracy. By taking this oath, the students pledged to uphold fair elections and use their voting rights responsibly. It served, as a symbol of their dedication to preserving democratic values and ensuring the strength of their nation's democratic institutions. By taking the oath, the students showed their commitment to ensuring that every voice was heard. The program received full support and commendable contribution from Nodal Officer Dr. Atul Sharma, Dr. Durgesh Nandini, Professor Devendra, and Professor Pradeep Lakra. The efforts of Principal Dr. P.K. Jhinge in diligently following the instructions of the District Election Office to conduct the oath ceremony deserve praise.His leadership played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of the event.

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