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Science Research: A Visit to JEC’s Physics Labs under the Signed MOU-24 January, 2024.

Jabalpur Engineering College and Shyam Sundar Agarwal College, Sihora, had established a collaborative MoU on August 25, 2023, to enhance academic and research initiatives. This MoU was signed by Dr. P.K Jhinge, Principal of Jabalpur Engineering College, Dr. Kamal Kumar Kushwaha, HOD, Department of Applied Physics, and Dr. R.K Mathews, HOD, Department of Chemistry at Government College Sihora. This collaboration aimed to enrich the research experiences of MSc students from Government College. As part of the MOU, an educational visit was conducted at Jabalpur Engineering College on January 24, 2024, involving students and faculty from the MSc program at Government Shyam Sundar Agarwal College, Sihora.

During the visit, the students explored the Labs of the Physics Department and had the opportunity to see equipmentsof the Applied Physics Research Club. Dr. Kamal Kushwaha, provided valuable insights into the machinery, covering the high-temperature furnace , glass cutting machine, UV chamber, hot air oven, and ultrasonicator. Students acquired practical knowledge of operations, enriching their understanding of scientific principles.Dr. Kushwaha's demonstration of luminescence by exciting a nanofilm with UV energy had a profound impact on the students..

Additionally,demonstrations by Dr S.K Mahobia and Dr Abhishek Vaniya included experiments with a block constant device, the four-probe method, and the Michelson interference experiment.The research scholars also gave visiting students an overview of their research work.

Principal Dr P.K Jhinge's insistence resulted in a short but valuable time allocation for students to visit both Asia's first High Voltage lab at JEC and the college workshop, aiming to offer practical exposure to the students. Shri Ashok explained the working of the High Voltage lab, showing unfamiliar concepts for MSc students who got to see them for the first time at JEC.

The visit aligned with Prime Minister Modi's vision for a Developed India, emphasizing practical skills and technological understanding. The students received extra guidance from Dr Shailja Shukla, Head of the Electrical Engineering Department, Professor D. S Rawatand Dr. Durgesh Nandini, who guided the students technically enhancing their learning experience.The successful completion of this visit was due to the efforts of Dr. Rupesh Kushwaha and Prof. Akhilesh from Sihora College.

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