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National Youth Day Commemoration: Insightful Lectures on Harmonizing Tradition and Progress on 11 January, 2024.

In prompt response to the directive from the Ministry of Technical Education, Skill Development, and Employment Department of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal, the college organized a one-week Youth Festival.On the very first day, Shri Kumar Rahul and Shri R.K Gupta took the stage for an impactful expert talk on Career Advancement for BTech students on January 11, 2024. During a brief address,Dr. P.K. Jhinge, the Principal, announced the college's plan to celebrate the upcoming Youth Festival from January 11 to January 15, 2024, in adherence to government instructions. Dr Jhinge emphasized the significance of these dates, with January 12 markingSwami Vivekananda's birthday and January 15, 2024, observing Makar Sankranti. He emphasized that both these dates hold a profound connection with India's rich cultural heritage.

Furthermore, Shri R.K Gupta, Station-In-Charge (765KV) at Jabalpur Sub-station Pooling, Bhedaghat conducted a career guidance session for third-year students, providing valuable insights for successful interviews and group discussions. The session highlighted the importance of staying informed on current general knowledge, understanding interview dynamics, emphasizing soft skills and communication, and preparing for likely questions. Students were also encouraged to articulate their career goals in paragraph form, promoting clarity and alignment with their future aspirations

Additionally, Shri Kumar Rahul, Deputy General Manager at Jabalpur 400 kv Substation, Patan Bypass, spoke on the topic, "Transmission Generation," shedding light on how energy is transmitted and outsourced in various parts of Madhya Pradesh. The program followed Swami Vivekananda's ideas, emphasizing strength, knowledge, and service as he believed for the youth. Professor Loveleen Kaur, Head of Information Technology Departmen and Professor Nitin Saxena played a commendable role in organizing these fruitful lectures.

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