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"Inaugural Ceremony: Two-Week BTech First-Year Induction Programme at JEC"- 04 September to 15 September 2023.

The Student Induction Program (SIP) for BTech first-year students at JEC was organised from September 4, 2023to September 15, 2023, following strict adherence to AICTE guidelines. The inaugural session was marked by a solemn ceremony dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, attended by the college principal and department heads, who jointly lit a symbolic lamp to invoke her blessings.Dr. Shilpa Saxena, serving as the program coordinator, then provided a comprehensive overview of the program's schedule and the forthcoming activities

Subsequently, each department head took their turn to address and engage with the incoming students, offering valuable insights and guidance as they embarked on their academic journey.

Dr. P.K. Jhinge, the Principal, encouraged students to thoroughly explore their college curriculum and maximize the use of available resources throughout their four-year degree program. He stressed teamwork over mere group work, promoting self-analysis and situational understanding. To drive this point home, he shared a story highlighting the importance of win-win situations. Finally, he introduced the Aspire scholarship sponsored byDr.AjaiChowdhry, a Padma Bhushan awardee and HCL co-founder, as an extra avenue for students to pursue their academic and career goals. Dean Academics, Dr. A.K. Sharma'smessage to the students carried a powerful reminder: education is more than just acquiring knowledge. He encouraged students to dedicate themselves to their studies, working diligently. He emphasized the importance of seizing every opportunity to learn and grow, fostering a lifelong love for knowledge.

During her address, Dr.AnubhaMaheshwari underlined the importance of students'adaption from the well-structured school environment education to the more independent and self-driven approach demanded at the college level. She emphasized that this adjustment was pivotal for their academic success in higher education. Additionally, she drew a comparison between the flourishing JEC Alumni network and the majestic old banyan tree that graces the front of the college. Her speech radiated a profound sense of accomplishment in the college's legacy.Dr Shailza Shukla welcomed students to JEC, a prestigious institution, celebrating its Platinum Jubilee. She highlighted the institute's influential Alumni network, including CEOs and leaders from India and abroad. She also encouraged students to explore MOOCs like NPTEL and Coursera for valuable certifications. Her speech conveyed a strong sense of pride in the institute's commitment to student's holistic development and success.

Dr. O.P. Chauhan, the RegistrarAcademics, delivered a motivating message. He urged students to embrace practical learning alongside theory, emphasizing that their projects should contribute to the betterment of humanity. Dr. Chauhan inspired them to strive for engineering excellence while upholding high moral and ethical principles

Dr. Agya Mishra drew a comparison betweencommencing their engineering curriculum and starting a video game. She advised that, much like embarking on a video game, students should commence their engineering journey by familiarizing themselves with the "map" of their academic program. To gain a better understanding of their academic journey, she suggested that students visit the college website to access curriculum details.

Dr. Jitendra Singh Thakur in his address, emphasized that engineering comes with tough challenges, and he encouraged the students to view these challenges as opportunities for personal growth and exploration. Being able to creatively solve complex problems is what makes successful engineers

Dr. Kamal Kumar Kushwaha co-coordinator of this programme, conveyed a sense of assurance by stating that the program adheres to AICTE guidelines and will feature informative lectures. He likened the program to an inductor, symbolizing the confidence it would instil in students as they made the transition from school to college life.

Dr. Manju Tiwari advised the students to step out of their comfort zones if they want to achieve something significant in their lives.

The program concluded with Dr. Durgesh Nandini offering a vote of thanks. She also skillfully handled the role of compering the entire event, contributing to its smooth execution.

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