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Alumni Member Talk: ‘Exploring Start-up Policy and Pursuing Passions’ with Padma Bhushan Awardee Shri AjaiChowdhryji and Shri Sharad Saxena" (14 July 2023).

The Alumni Member Talk unfolded on July 14, 2023, in the Jashan Auditorium, which was lovingly constructed by Dr.AjayChowdhryji, as a testament to his unwavering love for his parents and an embodiment of his gratitude towards his cherished alma mater. The principal Dr P.K Jhingeintroduced the notable alumni, emphasising the sentimental value of the Jashan Auditorium. He also touched upon the impactful "Aspire Scholarship," generously sponsored by Dr Chowdhryji.

The event featured an insightful dialogue between Dr Ajay Chowdhryji, a co-founder of HCL Company, and the esteemed Bollywood actor, Shri Sharad Saxena. The core theme of their conversation revolved around ‘Exploring Start-up Policy and Pursuing Passion', shedding light on the dynamic world of start-ups and the ever-evolving landscape of engineering.

During the event, DrAjaiChowdhryji began his address by briefly introducing and delving into the content of his book 'Just Aspire' ,which was initially launched in New Delhi. Meanwhile, Sharad Saxena expressed his gratitude for the invitation from his alma mater, acknowledging the rarity for Alumni to return and engage with current students in such a meaningful way.

In a different facet of the conversation, when questioned by the youth about his early start-up endeavours in the 90s and the subsequent rise of the start-up trend in 2013, DrAjaiChowdhryji responded by highlighting his deep-rooted connection to his country and his aspiration to contribute meaningfully. He explained that his decision to venture into start-ups during a time when the concept was not widespread was driven by a genuine desire to create something impactful for India. DrAjaiChowdhryji’sreference to the "PC reaching every home" relatesto his vision of digital inclusion and access to technology for all.In a similar vein of pursuing a passion, the youth asked actor Shri SharadSaxenaji about choosing acting after achieving an engineering degree,while answering this question he revealed that while his parents envisioned him as an engineer, he was drawn to acting and was even engaged in college fistic sports. This led him to embark on a film career in Mumbai, defying traditional expectations. The stories of both DrChowdhryji and Shri SharadSaxenaji highlight the significance of pursuing one's aspirations, be it in entrepreneurship or the arts, contributing uniquely to personal growth and the country's development.The program reached its culmination, with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks delivered by Dr. Bhavana Jhariya. Dr AnubhaMaheashwari expertly led the event as the compere, ensuring its smooth flow.

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