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Diverse Speakers Insights: A Recap of the Induction Program: 04 September to 15 September 2023.

Throughout the induction program, an array of speakers offered invaluable insights to the eager students. The topics covered were diverse, ranging from the remarkable achievements of ancient Indian engineering to the principles that lead to success. Time management and goal-setting were emphasized as essential tools for achieving aspirations, while the importance of peaceful living through control of senses and priorities was explored. Human values and their role in shaping individual character werethoughtfully discussed. Additionally, students were made aware about the electoral process and their rights as voters, and the significance of proper nutrition for both physical and mental health was highlighted. The talks collectively aimed to ignite inspiration and furnish knowledge about various facets of life and the responsibilities that come with it.

Inspirational Guest Speakers: Sharing Precious Knowledge:

•Er Prashant Pole, Eminent Industrialist and Former Student, shared his views on the “Legacy of Indian Engineering”. Heemphasized the significance of ancient engineering. He engaged in a discussion about how India's rich technical knowledge from the past has contributed to global development

•Dr. R.N. Swarnkar Additional Director of School Education, talked about“Success through Science and Holistic Wisdom" and about achieving success by aligning one's life with principles. He connected principles of Physics with spirituality, which implies drawing parallels between scientific concepts and spiritual or ethical values. Both speakers provided a holistic view of success and knowledge. This combination of perspectives likely aimed to inspire and motivate the students attending the induction program.

•Dr Sourabh Choudhary (MBBS; MD-NSCB”, In his addresson ” Harnessing the Power of Time and Goals”underlined the value of time and encouraged the audience to contemplate their goals. He explained that this question serves as an alert. Without setting clear targets, one's aspirations may remain unfulfilled.

• Dr Pankaj Kumar discussed about “Peaceful Living: Managing Senses and Priorities".To live a peaceful life, it's crucial to control our five senses. Instead of only focusing on managing time, we should prioritize managing our priorities. It's about how we react to situations and people. Our attitude towards life is shaped by our perspective, influencing how we approach its challenges and opportunities.

•Professor Dr.MamtaAnand from IIT DM spoke on the importance 0f “Cultivating Values”.While addressing the students, she emphasized the paramount importance of human values and their role in shaping not only individual character but also fostering harmony in society.

•Pramod Shrivastava, who serves as the District Coordinator for SVEEP in Jabalpur district, delivered a lecture on “Strengthening Voter Awarenessto the students as part of an initiative focused on increasing their understanding of the electoral process and their rights as voters.

•Pramod Shrivastava, who serves as the District Coordinator for SVEEP in Jabalpur district, delivered a lecture on “Strengthening Voter Awarenessto the students as part of an initiative focused on increasing their understanding of the electoral process and their rights as voters.

•Dr. Raj Lakshmi, the Principal of Fine Arts College, shared her expertise on“Eating Right for Peak Physical and Mental Health" and the significance of maintaining a well-balanced diet to optimize human efficiency. She highlighted the critical role of proper nutrition in not only physical health but also mental well-being.

• Renowned environmentalist Shri Ram Krishna Soni.,spoke on “Preserving Nature: Smart Ways to Reuse Plastic”. He emphasized preserving nature through smart plastic reuse, highlighting environmental protection, and raising awareness about plastic's risks.

•Prof. Sunil Singhaddressed the students on “Personal and Professional Development". He highlighted the practical application of officer-like qualities in one's personal life, the importance of personality development, establishing a harmonious environment within both family and the workplace and the significance of skill development.

•Dr.MamtaAnand,Prof IIITDM, highlighted the significance of “Universal Human Values, for Brain and Mind Development”.These values, such as kindness and honesty, support the creation of strong relationships, improve our emotional understanding, and guide us in making wise life choices, ultimately leading to our overall growth

•Mrs. Dolly Bhatia, District Chief In SGI (Soka Gakkai International) spoke on “Finding True Happiness Beyond Achievements” and illuminated the difference between achievement and happiness. In her address to the students, she clarified that achievement represents external success, which is often short-lived, whereas happiness, particularly from a spiritual perspective, signifies inner well-being

•Former RDVV Vice-Chancellor Dr. S.P. Gautam explored “Spiritual Science” and its connection to 'BHAVAN' during his talk. He highlighted how spiritual science seeks to bridge the gap between spirituality and science.

•Er. Shubham Gupta, Software Engineer at TCS and Youth preacher in ISKONexpressed his views on“Discover the Game of Life".According to him, self-discovery is intimately connected to how individuals engage with the world and fulfill their responsibilities with dedication and righteousness.

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