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Cultivating Democracy: Creative Contest for Voter Awareness at Jabalpur Engineering College on 26 September 2023.

The Electoral Literacy Club of JEC organised a series of events under the flagship programme SVEEP of the Election Commission of India to spread voter awareness in the country. In connection with this campaign, a painting, poster making, and slogan competition was organized on September 26, 2023.

The posters and slogans created during the event deserve our heartfelt appreciation. They're akin to patriotic banners, guiding us towards a more informed and active citizenry. Each stroke of paint and word written reminds us that every vote is a vital part of our democratic process. The respected judges, Dr.Anubha Maheshwari and Dr. Nandita Vyas played pivotal roles in ensuring the event's success, offering their expertise and insight to guide the participants effectively.

Principal Dr P.K Jhinge said that the competition's aim extended beyond just increasing awareness about the importance of voting in the upcoming assembly elections.

He stressed the significance of casting one's vote in a democracy. Dr.Jhinge urged the students not only to vote but to do so with a strong sense of responsibility and a genuine understanding of their role in the democratic process.

The principal also commended the dedicated efforts of the Nodal Officers, Dr Kamal Kushwaha, Dr Durgesh Nandini, and Dr Atul Sharma, for their instrumental role in ensuring that this event remained not only relevant but also aligned with the SVEEP program's objectives and goals. Moreover, the event received significant backing from ELC college ambassadors and students, who whole-heartedly assisted in organizing this event.

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