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Bridging Voter Awareness and Scientific Curiosity: NukkadNatak and Scientific Experiments at the Book and Voter Awareness Fair on 12 April 2024.

The Voter Awareness Campaign conducted by the Election Literacy Club of Jabalpur Engineering College stands out as a commendable endeavour. Not only does it showcase a deep-rooted commitment to civic responsibility, but it also emphasizes the crucial role of active participation in the democratic process. Opting for a street play format at the Gol Bazaar“Book and Voter AwarenessFair” on 12 April 2024with the theme "Inspire for Voting," demonstrates a creative and captivating approach to engaging the community and imparting knowledge about the importance of exercising one's voting rights.

At this fair, the students of JEC captivated the audience with a captivating street play. They commenced the nukkadnatak by rhythmically clapping their hands, creating a resonating sound that echoed throughout the area. Accompanied by the chant "आओ आओ तुम्हें सुनाए तुम्हें बताएं बात पुरानी / नए दौर के नए सफर में नुक्कड़ नाटक कीजुबानी / जान लो जान लो देश की हालत जान लो / देश में हो ती वोटिंग कैसे आंखों देखि बात सुनो," they skillfully drew the attention of the audience towards their performance. This compelling introduction immediately attracted the crowd, encouraging them to witness the nukkad-natak unfold before their eyes. The students efficiently achieved the purpose for which the street play was intended, effectively conveying the message and engaging the audience in a meaningful dialogue about the importance of voting.

This engaging voter awareness campaign unfolded, featuring a fusion of education and innovation. Professor Dr. Kamal Kushwaha and Dr. Sujit Mahobia from Jabalpur Engineering College captivated attendees with a series of inventive scientific experiments staged at the “Book and Voter Awareness Fair”. The experiments cleverly used everyday objects to hook students' interest in science. Beyond just entertainment, they prompted students to think critically about scientific concepts, sparking a deeper comprehension and passion for science.

By intertwining science with civic responsibility, the organizers have demonstrated a profound commitment to nurturing individuals who are not only well-informed voters but also critical thinkers and lifelong learners. This holistic approach to education and community engagement is truly commendable and reflects the principal of JEC Dr P.K Jhinge’s vision for empowering students to become active, informed, and engaged citizens.

Dr. P.K. Jhinge’s unwavering support has been instrumental in driving the success of these impactful events. Additionally, the meticulous coordination led by District Sweep Coordinator Pramod Srivastava and District ELC Nodal Coordinator Dr Kamal Kumar Kushwaha has played a significant role in ensuring the smooth execution of the programs. The visible support from esteemed administrative officers, including District Education Officer Ghanshyam Soni, further strengthened the initiatives.Special recognition is also owed to Dr. Kamal Kushwaha and Dr. S.K. Mahobia for their interactive presentation of scientific principles to the students. Additionally,acknowledgment goes to the Nodal Coordinators of JEC, Dr. Durgesh Nandini and Professor Pradeepti Lakra, for their invaluable contributions.Their dedication and expertise have indeed been crucial in enhancing the effectiveness of the program and raising voter awareness to new heights.

It is through the collaborative efforts of all these individuals that these initiatives have achieved remarkable success. Each person's contribution, from the Principal's endorsement to the meticulous coordination of the District Sweep Coordinator and District ELC Nodal Coordinator, as well as the support of administrative officers and the invaluable contributions of the Nodal Coordinators, has been integral to the program's impact. Together, they have created a powerful force for positive change in promoting voter awareness and civic engagement.

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